Time to meet the team

...They're mostly human


Is the boss lady, she's been in the business hundreds of years.

Before living in Tenerife, she lived high in the hills of Tibet, where she was a very successful Al Paca farmer. Unfortunately, she was so successful the al Pacas formed their own society, held elections, and voted to deport Tanya to the island of Tenerife. On arrival Tanya discovered Tenerife was not suitable for animal breading due the terrain, so settled on real estate marketing instead. She's doing OK now, but misses the Al Pacas terribly - even after all this time.


Is an Edinburgh lassie, now living the dream in Tenerife.

Previously worked for NASA, now she enjoys mingling with the stars. She likes to name drop and has the Shakira triplets on her friends list. (You know.... Shakira, Shakira, Shakira... Like what's in the song.) Unfortunately, Denise does’t hang out with them often because she finds it difficult to tell them apart, which makes any conversations a tad awkward.



Is our French belle, another smart cookie, she speaks at least 27 languages.

We're positive clients call the office just to hear her accent. Before coming to Tenerife Elsa studied scaffolding at the Louvre. The wasn’t an accredited university course, she just found the external renovations fascinating to watch. Rumour has it that she previously worked with James Bond, but due to the official secrets act we have no way of verifying this.