Currency Converter

AUD164 BGN196
BRL532 CAD147
CHF95 CNY776
CZK2,439 DKK746
EUR100 GBP86
HKD849 HRK754
HUF37,928 IDR1,681,980
ILS404 INR9,062
JPY15,947 KRW141,790
LTL345 LVL70
MXN1,876 MYR506
NOK1,168 NZD176
PHP6,013 PLN434
RON497 RUB11,720
SEK1,132 SGD145
THB3,804 TRY3,140
USD109 ZAR2,036

Currency data provided by the European Central Bank.
We update the data every day at 16:30 CET.